Why use a Graphic Designer

  • Jan 12, 2018

Why use a Graphic Designer?

 You have created the perfect presentation after many hours of work.  You have printed out several proofs on your office laser printer and everyone agrees it is perfect.  Your piece is complete, and you send the art to your printer or promotional products representative.  Everything is great, until the printer telephones you.  Your piece will not work on a printing press.  The quality you wanted is not available with the art you have created.  WHY?

Overall, the answer is in the tools you use.  The majority of people are creating their work in many of the typical office or home programs, which build colors in a system designed RGB (Red, Green, Blue).  The RGB system is the same system that your monitor uses to build colors on your screen.  They print fine on your printer.  However, they DO NOT print at all for a printing press.  They printing presses use a designated CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) system, also known as “4 color process”. To reproduce colors.  Since most programs used do not support CMYK separations, there is not a way to reproduce your job to print on a press.

 Another primary need is for high resolution.  High resolution is the number of pixels generated per inch.  Typically, most programs produce graphics and photos at 72 pixels per inch.  Computer screens and screen captures (from the internet) are typically 72 pixels per inch.  To get a good clean reproduction on a printing press, you need a minimum of 300 pixels per inch of resolution.  If you do not have high enough resolution for your graphics and photos, they will look like they have the “Jaggies” or a very square pixel image at the edges.

 Fonts are another misunderstood tool.  Just because you have a font on a PC does not mean that the graphic design house can reproduce it on an image setter.  “True Type” fonts do not work well on image setters.  Usually “Type 1 Postscript” fonts are needed.  “Postscript” fonts are two parts, a “screen” font so you can see it on your monitor and a “printer” font that the image setter uses to make high resolution images.  PC and Mac fonts are not interchangeable, and not all fonts are available on both PC and Mac (nor are they all available in “Postscript” format).  Some allowances may need to be made to accommodate for the differences.


So, back to the question of, “Why use a Graphic Designer”?


Graphic designers are experienced at using various design elements with logos, or logo creations.  There are a number of things to take into consideration within the entire piece and how all the elements work together, with the right colors on the right paper selection. You will benefit by having a high quality, professional piece.  That, of course, does not prevent you from giving input and guidelines from other programs that you have available.  However, it allows for the inevitable changes that are typically necessary to reproduce it.

 Many work through printers, promotional product companies and advertising agencies, however, there are many graphic design people or companies that work directly with the end users. I think you will be surprised at the overall cost-effective nature of working with good graphic design companies.


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